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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Changes that are so hard to make

Some changes can seem as hard to make as keeping a kitchen floor clean. We try to get a hold of them, focus on them, but they seem determined to get away from us. We make resolutions, promises, plans, all to come crashing down with us wondering what happened.

I was recently in a class by a wonderful lady named Atiya, and she gave some good advice in this regard. She said, often when we are stuck on something, e.g.,  trying to get rid of a bad habit, or striving for something good that keeps escaping us, we need to step back and examine our life. We might be doing something that displeases Allah, that we are not even aware of, but we need to stop doing it. It could be holding us back.

Another method that works, is to focus even more attention on the good deeds we are able to do. We can increase them, as a way of seeking the pleasure and nearness of Allah. Often we will find that the matter that eluded us, comes within our reach.

And last but not least, we need to pray for the matter that remains unresolved. Once we sincerely and regularly ask Allah for His help to guide us toward a good affair, or keep us away from a bad one, our prayers do not go unanswered. Sooner or later, we are able to advance spiritually and find what we were looking for.

It is also wise to remember that Allah, who made our natures, tells us in the Quran that often we like something and it is not good for us, and often we hate something but it is better for us. It helps to be very flexible when it comes to the acceptance of our prayers. Are we willing to accept what Allah gives us?

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