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Monday, October 24, 2011

Word by word

I have an always had an urge to learn Arabic so as to better understand the Quran, yet somehow have not taken the big step of enrolling in a class and getting serious. Years ago I bought a 'Teach Yourself Arabic' book that sits on the bookshelf by the t.v. and mocks me as I pass by. I was thinking that while often it is extremely hard to take big steps, it is easy to take little ones. Small steps mean we move slower but we are moving towards our goal.

Imagine if we handed the entire Quran to a four or five year old and said, you have to read ALL of this. They would probably run away. Kids start out learning the Arabic alphabet, one letter at a time, move on to joining letters, then small words, bigger words and so on. Soon they graduate to reading sections from the Quran and go on, one page at a time. And then one joyous day they complete an entire reading of the Quran. It is the beginning of a journey that will last a lifetime. Learning Arabic will probably take me just as long. Once I actually get started. I found a great website that is helping me a lot. Apart from other activities on the website that are great for adults and kids, they also email a word of Arabic from the Quran each day. It shows the meaning of the word, plus how it is used in the Quran. Learning just one word of Arabic a day is better than learning no words. Big steps or little steps, we plod on slowly, one day at a time, one page at a time, word by word.

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