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Saturday, October 1, 2011

All the ingredients are not enough

More on the subject of drought. At first we just had a few wispy clouds in the morning, which blew away rapidly leaving a bright blue sky and scorching sun. For the past two weeks, the forecast has called for rain. Clouds have gathered; grey and black, blotting out the sun, making everything dark, even some lightening and rumbles of thunder. A few days ago, the wind also picked up producing the perfect recipe for rain. We stared at the sky in joy from our porch as we waited for those blessed raindrops to start falling; rain that would bring relief from the heat, that would fill our lakes and bring life to animals and crops, and out some color back in the parched land around us. Nothing happened. As they had assembled, the ingredients for rain went their separate ways. The sky cleared, the sun came out again. Some areas might have received a light sprinkling, but for the most part Austin remained dry with no measurable rain.

What was missing from the recipe for rain? The command of Allah. Since Allah did not destine rain for us, it did not happen even though all the meteorological elements were there. It made me reflect on how the mercy of Allah is the biggest thing of all, which causes things to grow. It can bring rain from the most wimpy of clouds. It can bring prosperity and growth even without rain.

Surah al-Dukhan (The Drought) teaches us to pray : "Our Lord, remove from us the chastisement - surely we are believers." 44:12

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