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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Be like a tree

We have a severe drought here in Texas. It has been dry for so long that we have forgotten when a good downpour sounds like and feels like. We could loose our umbrellas for good and not miss them at all, or we could use them to protect us from the scorching sun. In the midst of withered plants and straw colored, dried grass, the trees endure. We live in an old neighborhood that has an abundance of trees, by the mercy of Allah. Huge, towering trees, twisted and gnarled in interesting shapes and complex formation. These trees stand day after day, providing shade and shelter for humans, animals, birds, a world unto themselves. I see their outstretched branches as hands spread out in prayer seeking the blessings of Allah for themselves, for the world. As they shade our cars, gardens, and homes they scorch in the sun, uncomplaining, serene, dignified. I love watching the trees and wish I was more like a tree. I wish I had the calmness to withstand all weather conditions without a whimper, to stand tall in a crisis, to be a place of comfort and help for others even when times are tough.

The Quran says a good word, or faith, is like a tree, with roots running deep, seeking out nourishment and bringing forth fruit in every season. May our roots run deep and seek guidance from Allah, even when water is not found around us and may we always bring fruit in this world and the one unseen.

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