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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Custom build your Fatihah

Imagine a magical prayer that could work for any and every occasion. We are so blessed to have it! And we get to recite it every day, many times in our daily prayers. The key is to not go through it automatically, but to really immerse ourselves in this prayer and to pour out our heart to Allah in it. Imagine we have a big test or quiz coming up. Surah Fatihah gives expression to the anxiety we feel. We beseech Allah by saying, "Oh Allah, all praise is due to You, who gave us everything and help us move from one stage of learning to the next. You bless us with knowledge without asking and also help us when we work hard. The final result is in Your control. We worship You by our seeking knowledge and ask only You for help. Please guide us on the right path, let us follow those methods and strategies that lead us to success, and keep us away from distractions and being unsuccessful. Please accept our prayer". Wow, that covers it all. This prayer leaves nothing out. It sums everything up and helps us pray with a humility and eloquence that must surely be pleasing to Allah, since He is the One who taught it to us.

How can we use Surah Fatihah as a template for other pleas to Allah? What about if we lost a textbook? What if we have a difficult decision choosing a class or subject? What if we are simply finding it difficult to focus or pray?

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