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Friday, September 16, 2011

Do we let Allah's blessings take us away from Allah?

I heard this strange idea at the Friday sermon this afternoon. When I thought about it, it did seem true in many instances. Allah has blessed us with so much, yet often these blessings cause us to be unmindful of Allah. Books are a blessing. Having a well-stocked library nearby can be a huge blessing and a joy, yet when we come home with lots of thrilling books, we may be so engrossed in them that we can't tear ourselves away when it is time to pray. We feel as if we are not in this world, but the fantasy world of books, which, fascinating though it may be, is not real. Also, we may find that we do not have time to read the Best Book of all? Can it be a good day for us in which we make time to read about goblins, dragons, and the heroic adventures of others, yet we do not engage or progress in our own lives as we should? The book, the video game, the television show, the computer, the cell phone, all are temporary entertainments that are blessings of Allah if we use them as blessings. If we do not let them dazzle us into forgetting the One who gave us the blessings: the money, health, brains, eyes, ears, time to use them.

My good brother Fazeel recently remarked: Allah says in the Quran that our families are a source of fitnah or temptation for us. Allah warns us lest we let our families divert us from the remembrance of Allah. Of course our families are indeed a blessing for us and our dealings with them are intended to bring us closer to Allah. They only become a temptation or trouble for us when we neglect Allah in the process, who gave us the loving relations to begin with.

Let us resolve to put aside all matters when we hear the adzan and put our heart into prayer. Let us all set a time to read the Quran and truly see how fascinating it is.

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