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Monday, September 19, 2011

Dry a tifferent accent

Sometimes our problems can seem like having a wad of icky chewed-up gum stuck to our shoe. We can't seem to get it out. Sometimes all we need is a fresh perspective, or a different accent. At our home, many problems seem less burdensome when we add a light coating of humor to them. A Texas drawl, crisp British accent, nasal twang, or even baby language or "Runny Babbit" (see Shel Silverstein's book) is good to lighten up the problem and bring a creative solution. When we giggle, we don't feel as stressed and are able to focus better. Being overly serious does not help anything or anyone.

The blessed Prophet had a good sense of humor, even though, for most of his life he was in one prickly predicament followed by another, mostly with his existence threatened. Yet he did not take himself so seriously as to be unable to laugh and make others laugh. Let us follow this wonderful example.

Never meet a problem you can't draw a funny mustache on!

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