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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

To accept means to believe in an intelligent universe

Often, we find ourselves wishing things were different; different at home, at school, in our relationships. We might feel dissatisfied and sad because it seems as if so many things, both big and small, are beyond our control. But would we really want to be in control of more things than we currently are? Controlling other people would mean we would be partially responsible for their actions, a scary thought indeed. If we were in charge to command things as we wish at home or at school, we might find out that the responsibility it brings is not fun. People who are doing a certain job in a school system, are doing it that way because of years of research and study. Methods we disapprove of may have a lot of benefits to them, many of which we cannot see because we are too busy wishing things were different. Allah advises us in the Quran to accept many of the things that happen to us, for it will bring us to greater peace inside. Allah also commands us to fight injustice. So, acceptance is not always the answer. We can ask ourselves: can we ask for this change on moral grounds, or is the matter simply not to our liking.

Allah is All-Wise and created the universe with intelligent design. May we all be better able to see wisdom everywhere. Let us save our rebellion for a worthy cause.

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