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Sunday, September 4, 2011

What does your Quran look like?

Muslims love and respect the Quran, but sometimes we respect it too much and love it the wrong way. If our copy of the Quran looks absolutely new and perfect, does that mean that we love and respect the Quran? What about our favorite novels, or textbooks we have given a lot of effort to study? Do they look perfectly new and untouched? No. A book we read every day, a book we get our life lessons from, a book that tells us what to do and what to avoid will probably look like it is being read and that will be a sign that it is loved. If our Quran has notes written in the margins, verses highlighted, question marks, sticky notes, even a stain or two, it might in the sight of Allah, be a Quran that is truly loved and respected; A Quran that is read and re-read and puzzled over and cried over, a book that is cherished and loved. Let's all make room on our bedside table for our Quran. The bookshelf in the living room may not be the best place this Holy book. For if we are to make our days holy and our moments sacred, we need Allah's words to guide us. It needs to be on our kitchen table, a part of our messy, rushed lives, handy enough for us to grab a gem of wisdom as we head about our day.

Where is your Quran? Does it look lonely?

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