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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Runaway hamsters and faithful wondering

Yesterday, one of our pet hamsters escaped and ran behind the fridge, out of sight and out of reach. For a while we searched and fretted, peeking under sofas to find it. The pet store lady had warned us that if hamsters escape they are not to be found. We decided to take a break from searching and pray. My daughter wondered, how will Allah help us find the hamster? We thought of several ways ... a few of the unlimited ones possible. Allah controls the hamster entirely. He might tell the little hamster brain to come out of its hiding place. Allah might guide us to the right spot to look for it. Allah might keep it safe from the sticky lizard and cockroach traps we have in some spots, so it is not harmed. We prayed and wondered, but not for long. The runaway hamster was found behind the toilet and brought back to its cage. We were grateful and a little wiser for our wondering, How does Allah bring about the acceptance of prayers? This question does come to mind and is not asked with disbelief, but with great belief and wonder. How? The great Prophet Ibrahim asked a similar question: How does Allah bring the dead back to life? Our mind cannot get around many things, cannot understand the complete workings of the Supreme Intelligence, but the wondering helps us to think of the many, countless ways in which Allah is in control of everything.

This 'faithful wondering' is one of the many things each day that may bring us a little closer to Allah.

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