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Friday, September 2, 2011

Life is a marathon, not a sprint

We all feel more energy during Ramadzan to pray and read the Quran. After the blessed month is over, it is hard to keep up the same enthusiasm for our learning and praying. I just came home after attending the Friday prayers and something the Imam said struck a chord with me. He said we all wonder if our worship and fasting were accepted in Ramadzan. We hope we were entirely forgiven all our previous sins and shortcomings. One way to judge if we indeed had the true spirit of Ramadzan within us is to see how we behave after Ramadzan. If we drop all our devotions like a hot potato, drag our feet when it is time to pray, repeatedly 'forget' to learn the Quran, it means the lessons of Ramadzan did not run deep and we probably did not get any lasting benefit. That reminded me to make an extra effort to remind myself that even though a special month is gone, is not every day and every month a fresh chance to build our relationship with Allah? We hope not to be among those who call on Allah when they need Him and at other times forget about him. I am sure we all know people who seem to be our friends one day and the next pretend they didn't see us or never knew us. We surely don't want our relationship with Allah to be such.

We must try hard to be mindful of Allah and to recreate the joy we felt in Ramadzan.

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