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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Food again

Now that Ramadzan is over it's easy to fall right back into our old habits of eating. Out come the cookies and chips and snack bars. So did nothing change? It would be wonderful if we did make some changes to our eating habits for the better, after this month of purification and improvement. We buy so many snacks thinking they are convenient and healthy. The truth is that nothing beats good old fruits and vegetables for a snack. A banana can be peeled quicker than a granola bar can be opened. It is less sticky than fruit leather. An apple, pear, plum, orange: so many fruits just need a quick wash before they make a quick, nutritious and healthy snack. We don't need to walk around with all those plastic packets. Let's be honest. Nothing really compares to the taste of fresh fruit, the sweetness gushing into our mouths. No vitamins in a bottle can deliver what Allah has prepared for us in nature. Once we get back to the "real snacks" the bars and fruit strips don't taste as good. Just as we plant seeds of goodness in this world to reap rewards in this world and the hereafter, so do we plant seeds of health in our body, to benefit in both worlds. What a delicious proposal! I'm off to peel a fresh orange.

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