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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Questions about heaven ...

Sometimes an inquisitive mind may become curious about heaven and wonder what it will really be like. What if you don't like milk or honey? What if your idea of heaven is spending an afternoon reading in bed? Will heaven really be everything for everyone? Here we have to use our faith and trust in the Almighty Allah, who gave us the brain to think about heaven in the first place. Who remembers being a tiny baby, yet to be born into the world? Could you have imagined this world as it is? I don't think anyone can claim to have done that. We all had a very limited view of our existence when we were so tiny, and could not have imagined the things we would do, the world we would explore, the things we would learn. When we think of the next life, of heaven, it is like we are still a baby in a womb and cannot see or imagine much beyond what is around us. Allah gives us clues and examples in the Quran to reassure us, that a lifetime of good deeds shall lead to a happy existence forever, yet we do not have a clear idea of heaven. Thankfully we have a clear idea of how to get there. The path is simple and straightforward. We seek the pleasure of Allah through following his commands and guidelines. We plant the seeds of heaven with our own hands and may Allah bless us all with a happy harvest.

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