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Friday, August 19, 2011

Start the day with a bang

If we want to start our day with a bang, we can. Instead of walking around mindlessly with sleepy eyes and yawns, all we have to do is open up the Quran and read a line. Yes, just one line will do. Works for the busy and the lazy and everyone else in between. One line of the Quran with translation can jump start our brains and our day. For example, take Surah Al- Asr. "By the time" it says. That is all of the first line. It can really get us thinking. Why? What about time? Olden times or new times? What do we do with our time? Why does time pass so quickly when we are playing the Wii and so slowly when we pray Zuhr? What is time exactly?

Oh, so many questions and the whole world to study and our whole life to learn. Wake up with a bang!

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