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Friday, August 26, 2011

Lessons of Ramadzan

The blessed month is almost gone. What did we learn? It is worth taking time to think about this. Some of us may have learned that they can bear more hunger and thirst than they thought they ever could, and still be pleasant and patient in the process. This leads me to think and wonder about the hidden strengths Allah has placed within us. Who knows our full potential! This thought gives me much hope. It helps me calm my worries about future problems. It tells me that when I cross any future :'bridges', any 'gear' I may need will be certainly and surely given to me. I may not have it now, or I may have it and now know it. But when the challenge arises, I shall not be left without the skills to cope with it.

Tawakkal is an Arabic word that means trust in Allah. Once we firmly have this trust, it is easier to put doubts to rest and believe that as long as we have faith and put in an honest effort, Allah is on our side. Can there be any greater comfort?

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