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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stories of the prophets

As we all pay more attention to Quran reading in Ramadzan, we find that stories of the Prophets are repeated often, with some details added or removed each time. As I was reading the story of Hazrat Musa, I reflected that he had to face some unique trials. One of those was when he killed a man by accident. All of us make mistakes every day, both big and small and some of those are hard to get over. Killing someone by accident would be highest on my list of terrible mistakes to make. The Quran repeatedly mentions Hazrat Musa being anxious and upset by what happened. Yet Allah provided a way out for him and led him to a safe place and made him a prophet. Allah forgave him and he forgave himself. Allah helped him to overcome that terrible trial. Hazrat Musa went on to save so many lives by leading his nation away from the cruetly of Pharoah.

Mistakes happen. We need to seek Allah's forgiveness, make ammends, and move on.

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