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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Why not?

Chapter 71 in the Holy Quran is about Prophet Noah. I found verse thirteen very inspiring. It asks us "What is the matter with you that you hope not for greatness from Allah?" I found this verse to contain a universe of love and mercy from our Creator. Allah is the One who nourishes us to perfection, if only we make a connection with Him. All of us openly or secretly wish for greatness, for it seems that desire has been built into our minds and souls. But sometimes we might mistake that for "magazine greatness", or what the world thinks is great. It is worthwhile to remember that glossy magazines do not really represent anyone's life or achievements. It is all a show that has been put on, just like a play in a theater. Greatness in real life requires us to be humble and good in the everyday things that we do, and it leads us to be successful in all parts of our life. While most of the Prophets were not hailed as heroes in their time, they certainly are heroes now. They showed us what Allah wishes for us; to grow and flourish in all matters, spiritual and physical. To lead a complete life serving the Creator and His creations, giving love and receiving blessings.

May we all hope for greatness from Allah, pray and work for it, and be fit to receive it.

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