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Monday, August 29, 2011

Share the joy of Eid

Eid is a day of happiness, of sharing, or family and friends, of enjoying the blessings of Allah. Yet, sometimes happy occasions, and happy people may make some people sad, because they are away from their loved ones, or do not have good health or good friends. When our hearts are brimming with joy on Eid, we must be mindful and remember that it is Allah who bestowed the happiness on us as a special favor. It is our duty to share it with others as much as we can. Could it be that our sincere greeting and warm embrace after Eid prayers, could be the best part of someone's Eid? Maybe inviting a new family over for tea or snacks could be the beginning of a lifelong friendship. This Eid, let our own happiness not make us insensitive to the feelings of others. Instead, let our happiness and gratitude to Allah, and our prayers and efforts in Ramadzan make us the kind of people who include everyone, who spread smiles and happiness wherever they go, who greet everyone like family.

We are indeed all one big, extended family.

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