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Saturday, September 24, 2011

How to really read a good book?

When I was a kid, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, good books, or any books were not that readily available. Libraries would only let us check out two books at a time and it was too expensive to buy all we wanted to read, so we kept re-reading the books that we had. The good thing about it was that those books went memorized and dearly loved and lessons were learned from them, lessons that are still with me. Nowadays kids have access to a seemingly unlimited number of good books and they rapidly read one and move on to the next. I have a feeling this means they do not spend much time thinking about a certain book they read. They may just enjoy the thrill and move on to the next exciting thing to do. Lesson learned from book? Probably not much.

Some one wise said that we should spend as much time thinking about what we read, as reading, and I find that to be true. Good books are a blessing. They need to be savored and digested and absorbed to get the full benefit. This does not mean that we should write a book report about everything we read, as is the way in school, but it would be nice to write a couple words down in a journal about why a certain book was enjoyable, why we liked the characters we liked and what we learned from our journey through it.
Reading enriches us like nothing else. Let's slow down to get the full flavor.

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